November 10, 2015

IFFAMPAC is pleased to announce the formation of a sister charitable organization, “Families of the Missing (FOM).”  Due the conduct of modern warfare, traditional definitions of humanitarian law and human rights laws applicable to armed conflict are often factually difficult to apply. For example, terrorism inflicts death to noncombatants in non-conflict countries. Terrorists do not wear military uniforms to identify themselves as combatants. They enter and leave countries after inflicting death and destruction in the conduct of war.

FOM was founded to continue the long-standing work of IFFAMPAC in addressing the needs of families of the missing. But FOM addresses the challenges facing family members of missing persons from non-armed conflict countries. Family members are separated in non-armed conflict countries as a result of drug wars, political oppression, sexual orientation, religious discrimination, age, disabilities, gender bias, refugee status, hate crimes, and many other reasons.

Together, the two organizations will endeavor to share experience and methods to assist all families of missing persons globally; and work with other organizations jointly to meet the multifaceted challenges families face when confronted with the loss of their loved ones and the impact that loss has on the family unit as a whole.