Our two overriding priorities are to help surviving families stay together, and to obtain information about their missing family members.

Our Subsequent priorities are:

01. Provide a support network

for the families in their efforts to determine the fates of their missing loved ones.

03. Heighten public awareness

of the consequences of missing persons.

05. Assist in advancing solutions

to promote the development and implementation of international and national standards to prevent persons from becoming unaccounted for, resolve cases of missing persons, and meet humanitarian needs of the family units.

02. Address the impact

of a missing person(s) on a family unit.

04. Persuade responsible officials

to release information they have concerning missing persons.

Our longer-term objective is to introduce new international and national legal reforms that address numerous aspects regarding the issue of missing individuals from a family perspective. Such reforms include the creation of legal standing for the surviving families of members whose death cannot be proved; the facilitation to access family funds; and to create official support mechanisms for social and economic family requirements.