“Seeking Justice for the missing. Helping families stay together.”
“IFFAMPAC is the only NGO in the United Nations comprised completely of the victims of the war. We are the families of the missing.” –Jane E. Durgom-Powers, Founder & President, IFFAMPAC
“The issue of the missing affects all of us. No citizen is untouched, even if they do not personally have a missing relative. The country cannot go forward when so much remains unanswered.” –Samet Dalipi, Office of the President of Kosovo, in 2006
According to the ICRC, more than 22,000 people are still unaccounted for in the former Yugoslavia, while there are over 100,000 missing in Rwanda and more than 6,000 in Peru.
“I cannot rest until I know what happened to him…I have a box of chocolates waiting in my refrigerator. Every time we get some special chocolates or sweets, I put his share aside for him.” –Yvonne Visaka Dharmadasa whose son, a second lieutenant in the Sri Lankan army has been missing since Tamil Tigers attacked his camp in 1998.
such as the International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts which is an international federation of the families of the missing from armed conflicts that works globally on behalf of the families
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