Why join or form a family association?

In most countries Governments do not negotiate with individuals; they will only deal with a recognized entity that represents affected families.

Family Associations have several other advantages:

  • family associations work for  the reform and protection of the rights of all families within their countries, which makes a stronger case than the claims of individual families
  • by focusing on the family as a unit of resilience and strength, family associations promote self-help and social reconstruction
  • family associations help to re-educate and retrain their members to pursue better economic, social and educational opportunities

For these reasons, we urge all affected individuals or families to join or form a family association. We then advise the family association to affiliate with IFFAMPAC. There are no fees involved in affiliating with us.

We also encourage humanitarian organizations to affiliate with IFFAMPAC so we can make their services known to family associations. There are no affiliation fees.

For information on affiliating click here