On 20th May, 2013,  in Lusaka-Zambia, Africa IFFAMPAC held a special Awareness Seminar on Human Rights and Networking. The seminar was held at YMCA-Mini Conference Room and was attended by leaders from Great Lakes Women Refugees Association in Zambia, Refugees Association for Better Life Club, Refugees, a representative of GLWAZ from Maheba, a family representative from compounds and IFFAMPAC volunteers. The seminar targeted five (25) participants.
The seminar provided a platform for awareness on human rights education and networking to the families of the missing persons from Armed Conflicts. The seminar touched on the vast spectrum of issues such as the role of IFFAMPAC in the promotion of human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human rights in relation to the right of families of the missing and also gives an insight into various conventions on human rights. Also the right to know the truth was highlighted.
IFFAMPAC Africa Representative was a facilitator of the seminar. The seminar took an aspect of brainstorming on the issue of human rights with a view to create ideal generation and involvement on how best families and their associations can initiate activities to further educate the colleagues and communities, so as to replicate the efforts of IFFAMPAC.
IFFAMPAC speakers presented a topic on networking, communication and project management in the operations of family associations, so as to help build capacity among participants to be relevant to their associations in the quest to the formulation of human rights activities and programs.
At the same event it was agreed that IFFAMPAC will help the families formulate a project proposal on human rights activities with the focus on the right to education, so that such proposals will be submitted to relevant donor organizations for the families and their work. Further IFFAMPAC reaffirmed its commitment to continue its donations of education materials to Great Lakes women Refugees Association in Zambia. IFFAMPAC further committed to select additional other family members to undergo computer training at recognized computer training offices. This gesture is aimed at enhancing networking and communication for the family associations and access to information through utilizing modern technological tools to network with each other.
The seminar was a clear testimony that families are eager to learn and replicate the knowledge to their colleagues in the communities, through structured programs and projects. IFFAMPAC shall continue to reaffirm its commitment to human rights and ensure capacity building in family associations in Africa. IFFAMPAC believes that to KNOW and become AWARE of the issues all families face when a family member becomes missing during armed conflicts are fundamental keys to claim and uphold human rights. It is the cornerstone to regional sustainable peace.