IFFAMPAC Education Material Donation to GLWRAZ Family Association

On March 5th, 2013 IFFAMPAC donated education materials to the Great Lakes Women Refuge Family Association in Zambia GLWRAZ.  The donation of 200 education materials (books) will benefit about 40 vulnerable school going children. Each child shall receive 5 books. The education material support program has grown since 2008 when IFFAMPAC lunched this initiative. The program is a cornerstone to IFFAMPAC’s contribution towards the attainment of United Nations Millennium Development Goals and to also afford the families an opportunity to empower their children through education which is a fundamental human right.
IFFAMPAC has dedicated its support to the Great Lakes Women Refugees Association in Zambia with education materials which they will further distribute within their communities and networks. This is to empower families themselves to take a key role in supporting the work of IFFAMPAC and enhance their capacity to link with families in need in various respective compounds. IFFAMPAC further pledged to donate another consignment of education materials to the Family Associations.
During this event, IFFAMPAC presented Student Performance Appraisal Forms to five (05) women who IFFAMPAC will sponsor to undergo formal training in Computers at Everite Computers School. The five women are scheduled to continue with the computer training under IFFAMPAC’s sponsorship so that they will qualify for a Computer Certificate.
At the same event IFFAMPAC formally announced the upcoming Seminar on Human Rights Education. IFFAMPAC is creating opportunities for families themselves to take up the mantle of responsibility and leadership in the implementation of proposed initiatives, so as to empower them and maximize family synergies of unity and experience in program management implementation.
For more details and pictures, see the Events Release