IFFAMPAC Conducts Computer Training Empowerment Program

May 24, 2012. Lusaka, Zambia-Africa. IFFAMPAC has initiated a computer training program designed to empower women and families in furtherance of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The first phase is a pilot test of the program to ascertain program outcomes and help shape future goals. In the first phase IFFAMPAC has selected fifteen (15) member of the Great Lakes Women’s Association in Zambia (GLWAZ) family association. Five (5) of the women have already been given an introduction to computers training course, and the remaining trainees will begin training shortly.
The program is designed to achieve the following goals: 1) members of the family association will attain basic knowledge in computers, hence becoming computer literate; 2) contribution to the United Nations MDG3: promoting gender equality and empowering women and; 3) strengthening IFFAMPAC’s networking and collaboration with the families towards the goals of sustainable transformation and the wellbeing of families.
The program is focused on sponsoring families to undergo computer training with registered computer schools, so that they can continue their formal education even after the initial sponsored training is completed. The families in the first phase are undergoing training at Everest Computers and we hope to identify several computer schools where we can send more families for training.
The initiative shall go a long way in motivating family association members, especially women and female youths, to make the program a stepping stone towards realizing their potential for formal education. Our hope is that the trainees replicate the skills that they attain within their respective family associations and throughout the communities.
Phase two of the program will be comprised of another fifteen (15) family association members undergoing computer training. IFFAMPAC programs aim to create a foundation upon which families, especially women and youths, can discover more opportunities for education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Further, the programs seek to give family association members job skills which will create more opportunities for them to obtain employment in the near future. IFFAMPAC programs also build and encourage entrepreneurship; such as by encouraging members to start up a business center for secretarial services as a fundraising venture for their family association.

IFFAMPAC believes that changing one’s life in positive way through knowledge can change society and change the world positively. And we strive to provide opportunities to the families of missing persons from armed conflict to participate in educational and enrichment programs.

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