Kosovo Commemorates Day of the Missing

IFFAMPAC branch office in Republic of Kosovo
Kosovo Commemorates Day of the Missing
On the eve of April 27, 2011 IFFAMPAC joined Family Associations, Organizations and other institutions to commemorate the Day of the Missing in Kosovo.
During the years 1998-1999 Kosovo was involved in a war with Yugoslavia, nucleus of which represented Serbia. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) unreservedly supported the Albanian population in Kosovo fighting for liberation. KLA was formed from Albanian people who were looking for freedom and independence from the Serbian state.
During this time, because of the Serbian crimes on Kosovo’s population, NATO, led by the U.S. military, attacked Serbian police targets until their expulsion from the territory of Kosovo. Fighting during this time reportedly killed about 12,000 peoeple, about 4,000 Albanian citizens disappeared and many more were displaced. Almost in all the cities of Kosovo, Serbian forces committed massacres of the citizens. Among the biggest massacres that occurred in Kosovo was that of April 27th in Gjakova, where in a day 375 Albanian citizens, Muslim and Catholic, disappeared.
That’s why we should remember the days, years and the missing anniversary. These are days of sorrow in Kosovo, especially for the families of those whose fate is still unknown. In remembering our missing loved ones we tell the world that this problem is ongoing and that we continue in our efforts to discover the truth of the missing.
Family Associations proposed to the Kosovo Assembly that April 27th be chosen as the Day of the Missing of Kosovo. Every year, this day is commemorated with different activities. Of special note this year will be the exhibition of clothing and other artifacts from the war in the Museum of Kosovo. Activities are going to last three days. IFFAMPAC’s branch office in the Republic of Kosovo will participate in and support these activities in the hope that it will encourage the families, Family Associations and local institutions in the Republic of Kosovo to continue to support the efforts to determine the fate of missing persons.

Finding truth for the families of the missing is a goal of IFFAMPAC wherever in the world we operate and especially in the Republic of Kosovo. IFFAMPAC works to be the voice of the families who are awaiting information on the whereabouts of their missing loved ones. We are aware that the process of determining the fate of the missing is difficult, but we continue to strive to bring this issue to the attention of the international community.