IFFAMPAC Chawama Africa Book Donation

IFFAMPAC Donates Educational Materials to the Bwafwano Community School
Located in the Chawama Compound, Zambia Africa
20 October, 2010 IFFAMPAC’s Africa Regional Office donated educational materials and supplies to children at the Bwafwano Community School, located in the Chawama Compound, Zambia Africa. Amano Sanitary Services Enterprise contributed the educational materials to IFFAMPAC. IFFAMPAC’s Educational Support Program aims to provide support towards the achievement of a primary education for all African children, in compliance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goal on Education. IFFAMPAC’s Educational Support Program also helps to motivate families to take their children to school. These generous donations to IFFAMPAC help supplement efforts to assist families seeking educational opportunities for their children and other youths in the community.
About 196 children benefited from IFFAMPAC’s educational material distribution and it is IFFAMPAC’s sincere hope that the program will continue to grow so that more families in Africa may benefit. Through IFFAMPAC’s Educational Support Program families can begin to transition from illiteracy and begin to see a prosperous future because they are literate. Literacy exposes children and youths to future educational prospects, knowledge and will help them to more effectively lobby for social rights in the future.
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