IFFAMPAC To Participate in and Speak at International Women’s Day Celebration

Lusaka, Zambia—IFFAMPAC is scheduled to participate in the 2010 International Women’s Day Celebration, organized by Great Lakes Women Refugees Association in Zambia. IFFAMPAC Africa Representative Mr. Evans Lombe will represent the organization at this event as a speaker. The celebration will be themed Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities and Progress for All, and will be held at Pope Square Cathedral of Jesus on 5 March 2010. Among the expected participants are government officials and other invitees.

IFFAMPAC’s focus at this event is to instill a sense of hope and friendship among women refugees who are part of surviving families of missing persons from armed conflicts. IFFAMPAC will also highlight its successes in working with women in Africa and other parts of the world.  This has been done through establishing family associations as a springboard for helping women to attain a unified voice and fight for their rights in order to create chances of equal opportunities and progress.  Seminars are presented on an ongoing basis at family association meetings to empower women and provide education and training to them.

Women in Africa have reached a turning point. They have realized that they must define their rights and opportunities. By so doing, they will be valued as partners in social-economic development, instead of being perceived as victims, unable to become productive members of society.

IFFAMPAC’s message to women in Africa is “Let’s Hope with Action and Reality will Come.”

More details to follow in the events release after 5 March 2010.