IFFAMPAC Expresses Support for Haiti’s Families of the Missing

Rockford, Illinois, USA—The recent devastation due to a massive earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, has caused many Haitian families to lose contact with their family members. IFFAMPAC extends its sympathy and support to these families who seek answers to the fate of their missing loved ones.

IFFAMPAC was created to address the issues families face when their family members become missing as an unexpected result of events. IFFAMPAC empathizes with the emotional pain that the Haitian families are now experiencing regarding the uncertainty of the fate of their missing relatives. The pain families experience, which stems from not knowing whether their family members are alive or if they soon can be reunited, brings forth trauma combined with the mix of fear and hope.  This is overwhelming to families. IFFAMPAC calls upon the international community to work with these families to address their needs.  Hope must be encouraged that soon these families will be reunited with their missing loved ones or find closure knowing the truth of the fate of their missing relatives.