CCFAMK Demands Action to find Missing Persons in Kosovo

Coordinating Council of Family Associations of the missing Kosovo (CCFAMK)
PRISTINA, Kosovo (September 15, 2009) In the second meeting held on September 12, 2009 in Malisheve, CCFAMK extensively reviewed the general activities related to the issue of finding the missing persons from the last war and their family needs.
The participants in this meeting unanimously concluded that since the end of the war, local and international institutions have not had the necessary political will to solve the issue of missing persons and their family requirements.
We think that the current situation is the result of inactivity and nonprofessional, not serious   approach. Concrete proof of this is the negligence and lack of implementation of the decisions and documents adopted by higher institutions (Resolution and the Political Declaration of the Assembly of Kosovo). We are aware of the difficulties the country is facing. We, the affected family members never wanted and do not want even to this day to prevent the process from moving forward in Kosovo.
We remind you that with all mechanisms, institutions and local and international organizations who have dealt with searching, finding and identifying the missing of Kosovo have had many meetings in which the agreement was reached for concrete measures to be taken. But their implementation is stalled and the current situation created with the strike of some mothers of the missing is the result of such consequences.
CCFAMK has always supported the right and reasonable demands of the family members; such actions always apply even today for their pragmatic, concrete and feasible part. In this occasion we demand all concrete measures to be taken to speed up the process of finding, identifying or to obtain information for our missing.
CCFAMK has decided to undertake such action. It has set up a working group which will meet with the people in charge in the institutions and other mechanisms involved in this process and ask them for additional involvement and serious approach to this issue, which makes the life difficult and further flow for many citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. CCFAMK also demands from individuals and institutions to be reasonable and rational in their actions, and not allow this pain to have political reflections.

12. 09. 2009

Haki Kasumi coordinator
Prishtine Tel. contact. 044 181 260