IFFAMPAC 9/11 Tribute

IFFAMPAC Pays Tribute to the Families and Victims of 9/11/01
Rockford, Illinois (September 11, 2009) – Today marks the eighth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that killed more than 3,000 people from over 90 countries. On this day, IFFAMPAC extends its sympathies and condolences to those families and victims who suffered the tragic loss of their loved ones from this horrific event.
It should never be forgotten that twenty-four (24) victims remain unaccounted for to date. Our hearts reach out in support and solidarity to those families of the missing.
On this day, we ask the international community to remember that families of the missing live with the memory of their loss daily, and continue to seek answers on the fate of their missing family members.
No one disappears alone.