IFFAMPAC Africa: Meheba Refugee Camp Trip


IFFAMPAC Visits Meheba Refugee Camp in ZambiaOn 2nd -4th May 2009 IFFAMPAC undertook a special assignment to visit Maheba Refugee Camp located in the North Western province of Zambia-Africa. Meheba Refugee Camp has a long history of hosting refugees from Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, DRC Congo, Ethiopia and Sudan. According to the statistics, there are about 16,018 refugees residing in the camp.

The purpose of the Maheba Assignment trip was to broaden IFFAMPAC’s identification program of families of missing persons in Africa, donate education materials to enhance future work opportunities for the families of missing persons from armed conflicts.
IFFAMPAC’s work confirmed several social and medical issues that need immediate attention. Severe trauma, low self esteem, lack of nutrition and basic needs are prevalent amongst the families. Child marriages have increased the population, and little education is taught on how to care for the offspring.

IFFAMPAC requests that interested individuals, organizations and agencies of interest to help contact us immediately. For further information, see the Events release on this trip.

By: Evans Lombe
IFFAMPAC-Africa Representative