IFFAMPAC President and Founder Featured Speaker at the United Nations

IFFAMPAC President and Founder Featured Speaker at the United Nations
53rd Commission on the Status of Women
ROCKFORD, Illinois- March 13, 2009 -The UnitedNations held its 53rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York from March 2-13, 2009. IFFAMPAC was honored to be chosen by the United Nations to present a workshop entitled: Families of the Missing – Coping with Ailing Family Members in Africa. In addition, Ms. Jane Durgom-Powers, President and Founder of IFFAMPAC was a featured speaker at a workshop presented by the Al-Hakim Foundation in Iraq entitled: The Elimination of Violence Against Women – The Role of Religious Leadership and Community.
Ms. Durgom-Powers was also a panel speaker for the Iraqi Government’s United Nations panel entitled: Lobbying Governments to Increase Budgets for Programs for Women.
IFFAMPAC received high praise from NGOs and government officials for drawing attention to the complex issues surviving family members of missing persons encounter post armed conflict. In their efforts to keep their families together, surviving family members must learn how to transition from a conflict society to a civil society. A key issue for families to address during this transition period is the ability to access information concerning the fate of their missing family members.
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