News Release On Africa HIV/AIDS Infected Families of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts


IFFAPAC-Africa Office has continued to receive families of missing persons who are critically ill (sick). The majority of women and men are suspected to be HIV positive due to large numbers of rapes that are characteristic of armed conflicts. During armed conflicts women are often left defenseless and as a result, rebels and other perpetrators of armed conflicts take advantage of women, raping them and using them as sexual slaves.

In addition, women who are running from armed conflicts women tend to find themselves among other men who are also running from armed conflicts. They form short-term relationships, causing a massive spread of HIV/AIDS.

IFFAMPAC is currently running a program to help women who were raped or are chronically sick to go for HIV/AIDS test. Once women are tested, they can undergo treatment and counselling, and receive encouragement.

Most women they do not reveal that there were raped because there are scared of the consequences it might bring. At IFFAMPAC, we promote the establishment of special counselling centers for victims of armed conflicts in Africa. These centers will provide many women with the counselling they need to share their fate and receive hope and encouragement.  IFFAMPAC invites other collaborating partners to share this common vision for the sake of families of missing persons.

IFFAMPAC is concerned with families of missing persons who are infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa  It is our commitment to promote social rights for the families of missing persons, in order to achieve social justice.  Families of missing person from armed conflicts that have family members suspected of carrying the HIV virus are now realizing that sharing their status with IFFAMPAC can help them access treatment.  This is indeed a new turn of events that will see many infected surviving families gain access to anti-retroviral medicine and other assistance.

By: Evans Lombe
IFFAMPAC-Africa Representative