IFFAMPAC Formation of Family Associations is Gaining Strength in Africa


 By: Evans Lombe


IFFAMPAC’s efforts toward giving a voice to the voiceless continue to become a reality in Africa. Since IFFAMPAC established its operations in Africa, our major objective has been to help families of missing persons from armed conflicts form Family Associations to enable them become a unified voice.

On 31 December 2008, a new family association called Refugees Association for Better Life Club was finally recommended by the Ministry of Home Affairs for Registration. This recommendation was received after the appraisal of the association’s proposed constitution.  Now families of missing persons, who are mostly refugees, will have a chance to lobby and speak with one consolidated voice and be heard.

IFFAMPAC has played a major role in educating and guiding families of missing persons about the importance of family associations. In addition, IFFAMPAC helps families form and maintain successful family associations.  Successful family associations undertake a variety of projects to meet the needs of the families, and share information to help in the search for their missing family members.  In short, IFFAMPAC gives guidance and hope to families of the missing in Africa and beyond.


The Refugees Association for Better Life Club has worked with IFFAMPAC to educate families of missing persons, who are mostly refugees, to understand the importance of IFFAMPAC’s programs and the formation of family associations. This family association is helping family members who have not yet attained refugee status, to apply for refugee status and approach government institutions for help.  IFFAMPAC has broken the chain of fear among the families of missing persons, especially refugees, who were scared to approach government institutions for advice and assistance for fear of being arrested.

IFFAMPAC’s work in Africa provides clear evidence that families of missing persons can be given chance to redefine their own destiny. It is for this reason that IFFAMPAC will endeavour to organize families around Africa to form more family associations. For example, we are seeing family members from The Refugees Association for Better Life Club collaborate with another family association called Great Lakes Women Refugees in Zambia.

IFFAMPAC’s deeds and efforts are practical and feasible for the world to see and realize that together we can build a great African family, despite challenges of social injustices that families of missing persons in armed conflicts face.

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