Family Reunification of Missing Persons from Armed Conflict in Africa

Family Reunifications of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts in Africa

Rockford, Illinois. IFFAMPAC has taken a central stage in the identification of families of missing persons, in the African refugee urban settlements and camps. This process has led to the creation of an information database generated by the families of missing persons in Africa. As a result of this process, the information about the missing persons has been spread by IFFAMPAC in an enabling awareness process, which has led to the re-unification of missing family members with their families.

IFFAMPAC’s Program of Identification of Families of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts in Africa is a cornerstone process for reunification of the families in Africa. IFFAMPAC has begun to get an accurate accounting of surviving families and their missing family members, which has also assisted other NGOs in partnership with IFFAMPAC on projects.

IFFAMPAC is proud to announce the success of this program, which has been well received by the people of Africa. This success has been achieved in IFFAMPAC’s short period of four (4) months of its existence in Africa. Success is also a result of IFFAMPAC being the “voice of the voiceless”– those who are missing from armed conflicts.

IFFAMPAC’s Africa Regional Office has received requests from hundreds of families of missing persons to launch the identification program of missing family members in many regions in Africa. IFFAMPAC has initiated this task by expanding its special program called “Africa Family Identification.” Depending upon funding and NGO partnerships, IFFAMPAC hopes to continue to re-unify missing persons with their families who long await answers.

IFFAMPAC’s programs give it a unique understanding of the overall problems that families face. This enables IFFAMPAC to represent the families of the missing effectively at international forums such as United Nations, national governmental meetings, and NGO conferences.

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