IFFAMPAC Distributes Exercise Workbooks to African School Children

IFFAMPAC Distributes Exercise Workbooks to African School Children

Orizones Business Growth Enterprise in Zambia donated 1,000 Exercise Workbooks to IFFAMPAC. The Vision of Hope Community School and Bwafwano Community Association in Africa were chosen by IFFAMPAC to receive the books. All been given to the school children in these communities. Each child received two workbooks.

The children that attend these community schools come from poor families, refugees, and families of missing persons from armed conflicts. The families of these children live in refugee camps near the schools that their children attend. The exercise workbooks will help the children with their reading skills. By enabling children to continue school work at home with their families, it also helps develop strong minds which strengthen family stability and self-confidence.

Many families of missing persons and refugees are not able to send their children to school. The workbooks make it possible for the children to continue learning at home if unable to attend school regularly.

IFFAMPAC Africa representative, Evans Lombe has been holding seminars around Africa to identify families of missing persons. The response to IFFAMPAC in Africa has been tremendous, and Mr. Lombe says that “IFFAMPAC is helping in breaking the chain of silence and fear among families in Africa.”

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