IFFAMPAC President and Founder attends WANGO Africa Conference

Rockford , Illinois.  IFFAMPAC president and founder, Jane E. Durgom-Powers traveled to Accra, Ghana Africa to speak the WANGO Africa Conference held from April 24th- 26th. The conference was attended by NGO’s, government officials, and business representatives from around the world. The theme for the conference was: NGO’s as Agents of Positive Change.

Ms. Durgom-Powers was a featured speaker during the conference and was Chair on the Panel Session: Enhancing State Performance through Partnership. Her speech was entitled: Seeking
Justice for the Missing-Helping Families Stay Together.
  Along with chairing panels and being a featured speaker, Ms. Durgom-Powers was able to work on finalizing plans to open the IFFAMPAC Africa Branch office that will be located in Lusaka, Zambia.

IFFAMPAC was warmly received by many African nations and NGO’s who committed to work with us on a variety of humanitarian projects.

This is a very exciting and dynamic time for IFFAMPAC and we look forward to working with the families and governments of Africa to find the solutions and answers for the families of the missing.