Kosovo National Day of Missing Persons

For Immediate Release

April 25, 2007

Contact: Michelle Teasdale
[email protected]

Kosovo National Day of Missing Persons 

Rockford , Illinois . “Today we stand with respect and in solidarity with the Kosovo families who have missing relatives from the war. The Kosovo family associations will have a formal commemorative ceremony on April 27, 2007 which has been officially designated by the Kosovo government as the ‘National Day of Missing Persons’. Although the war has ended, these families have questions that have remained unanswered for years. Without closure, these families cannot move forward with their lives to be productive members of society,” said Jane E. Durgom-Powers, founder and president of IFFAMPAC, the International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts.

An IFFAMPAC representative from America will be present at the ceremonies, and will speak on behalf of the importance of this issue. It is important to remember that as time passes, memories fade from eyewitnesses, and physical remains become less reliable and inaccessible.

It is important for governments to work with the families on this issue as a priority. Families must be provided with all information associated with their missing members so that they may resolve open cases and move forward with their lives.

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