IFFAMPAC Granted Observer Status to United Nations

For Immediate Release

May 24 , 2006

Contact: Daniel J. Johnson
[email protected]/847.543.0630

IFFAMPAC Granted Observer Status to United Nations Working Group on Persons Who are Unaccounted for in Connection with Events in Kosovo

Rockford, Illinois. On March 6, 2006, IFFAMPAC was appointed to the United Nations Working Group on Persons Who are Unaccounted For in Connection with Events in Kosovo. IFFAMPAC was granted observer status.

The Working Group was established within the framework of the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, held under the authority of the Special Representative to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The first meeting was held in Pristina on March 9, 2004. In total, there have been five formal meetings.

Pursuant to the United Nations rules, the official members of the Working Group are government representatives from Serbia and Kosovo. All other governments, such as the United States, and invited experts are appointed Observer status.

IFFAMPAC will represent family associations in the negotiations for information on missing family members. IFFAMPAC will continue to draw the attention of the international community to the human rights issues upon which the families are seeking resolution, as well as the progress by the governments in addressing these issues.

IFFAMPAC focuses on helping the surviving families of armed conflict who face tremendous social, economic, legal, and cultural challenges when a primary economic provider of the family vanishes and cannot be accounted for as a result of conflict.

IFFAMPAC is working in a joint effort with the International Humanitarian Law Subcommittee of the International Human Rights Committee of the International Section of the American Bar Association to develop a new model international law and to develop best practices guidelines to address the issue of the missing.

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